Thursday, 7 February 2013

February 8, 2013 - There's a Method in this Mathness!

A happy snowy Friday to all…

Our Tech Tidbits for this week are all math related!  Here are some web links and apps regarding math of various levels and strands.  I hope you can find something that works for your class!

A+ Math – Online Website (
Creates online flash cards in Java for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as order of operations, fractions, square roots, and algebra.

Fun Brain Math Arcade – Online Website (
Offer various math games available in the form of Poptropica that the kids seem to enjoy so much.

MathPlayground  - Online Website ( /ASB_Index.html )
Offers various math themed games including numeration, time and money (sorry, US coins only), integers, equations, fractions, ratio and decimals.  The game will allow students to play against others currently online (anonymously) by giving them a randomly generated username. By choosing ‘public game’ they can play and compare their results against others online currently playing.

Created by the same group as the above website, this site offers more games on specific strands and concepts (i.e. area and perimeter, ratios and pre-algebra skills).  Have your students try them out and share their favourites with their friends.

Word problems – Online Website ( )
This website offers challenging math word problems divided up by grade level and strand.

Math Up – Free App
Students are able to choose between single, double and triple digit addition and subtraction problems. Students earn stars and level up to harder and harder levels.

-Match Ten – Free App
Students click on numbers next to each other (Boggle style – above, below, right, or left) attempting to create a sum of ten.  When accomplished the numbers disappear leaving them additional sums of ten to find.

Math Drills Lite – Free App
Students are able to choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a combination of all computations.  They are able to visualize the questions on an optional number line, chart or block configuration and the app can offer a hint on how to respond if the student is taking a longer period of time to answer.  When a question is answered incorrectly, it notifies them and allows them to retry the question. When all ten questions are answered, the score is displayed.  Choose between practice (timed questions) and review mode.

Geoboard – Free App
Just like the ‘hands on’ version, the Geoboard app allows students to use stretchy bands of various colours to create different shapes and patterns. There are two boards to choose from (swipe from right to left in the upper right hand corner) a 5X5 set of pegs and a 10X15 rectangle.  Once you have created your shape, use the tear drops at the bottom of the screen to colour in the shapes you have created.

Geometry ++ – Free App
This app is a virtual tangrams game for students to try and create the image while racing against the clock.  Shake the device to reset the current puzzle; complete the tangrams and level up to more difficult challenges.

Graphs – Free App
This app allows students to challenge their ability to read a bar graph, line graph, or pie chart in beginner or advanced levels. 

MyScript Calculator – Free App (best used teachers)
This app allows you to write math equations on the iPad with your finger and it will convert it to text and solve the equation for you.  For example, write on 7X35-? =3+7 and it will fill in the answer of 235.  It may take a little practice but the tutorial is helpful and the app is fun to play around with.  One reminder – the variable which is often written as ‘x’ should be written as a ‘?’ for the app to recognize it.

I hope these offer you some interesting tools to help make math more engaging and fun for your students. 

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. My son Max is in grade 3 and we're really getting into that numeracy that's very visible and tangible ... fractions and measurement in volume as well as centimetres. Now we're cooking together and dividing pizza and stuff like that, but what I really want to know there an app for that? I've given Prodigy a shot, but it's limited.

    1. Here are a couple for you to try...
      Pizza Fractions: Beginning with Fractions (Free App)
      Fill the Cup (Free App)