Friday, 19 April 2013

April 19, 2013 - Using 'Jing' to Capture Anything

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever wanted to capture an image or video from your computer to insert into a document or to share with others? Jing is the downloadable tool which will allow you to accomplish this task.  Available for Mac or Pc, Jing places a small ‘sun type’ icon tool on the edge of your desktop which is used to capture the image on your computer screen, save it to a location of your choice or share with others.

When you hover over the sun, three rays appear – ‘Capture’, ‘History’ and ‘More’.  By clicking on the perpendicular lines, the ‘Capture’ ray, your cursor will turn into a larger version of the lines.  You can then click and drag the lines on the screen to select the portion of the screen image that you would like to capture.   In the preview window, you can choose to annotate the image or with text, arrows or highlighting as well as name and choose where you would like to save your image (see image at lower right).      

The ray in the middle is ‘History’ where you can view all of your previous captures, and copy them to additional documents or share them via

The last ray is ‘More’ where you can manage your preferences, including placing the sun icon in your system tray (bottom row on your computer screen) if it becomes distracting and links to helpful information.

Jing is simple to download and easy to begin using.  Simply head to the website ( and click on the download box on the right hand side.  For further information you can watch one of their straightforward tutorials at
I have found Jing to be especially useful in creating documents and computer how tos; in fact, I used it to insert the images into this Tech Tidbits post.  

If you have any questions about how to use this tool, please feel free to contact me.


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