Friday, 18 October 2013

October 18, 2013 – Short and Sweet

Happy Friday Everyone!

Have you ever wanted to share a website or link to a YouTube video with a friend or colleague, only to find that the web address is so long and full of numbers and letters that it is almost impossible to get it correct?  This is where URL (uniform resource locator) shorteners come in handy.  Websites such as,, and take website addresses and shorten them for easy sharing.  Simply find the webpage you would like to share and highlight the web address in the address bar.  Next right click and select copy.  Then type in the address of a web shortener such as the ones above.  When the web page opens up, there will be a bar in which to enter your web address.  Simply click on the bar and right click, then select paste.  When you click on the ‘shorten’ button, you will be given a new, much simpler, web address to share with your colleague.

If you are feeling a bit more ‘techie’ you can use the following shortcuts to select, copy and paste the web address.  Here are the same instructions using the shortcuts…
Click on the address bar, and type ‘Control and A’ to select all of the web address. Next, type in ‘Control and C’ to copy the highlighted text.  Finally, open the new website and in the address bar click and then press ‘Control and V’ to paste the address.  When you click the shorten button you will be given the new web address.

I hope that this is helpful for you.  If you have an idea for a future blog topic please feel free to pass it along to me, also Past Tech Tidbits posts can be found on the blog at


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