Thursday, 20 March 2014

March 21, 2014 - An Online Tool You'll 'Flip' For...

Happy Friday everyone!!

This week I’d like to bring you a fun and exciting online program which allows you to create your very own game show style practice and assessment tool.  It’s called FlipQuiz ( and I’m certain that it will quickly become your student’s favourite way to review material and practice for evaluations!

Once you create a free FlipQuiz account, you are able to begin generating your own game show ‘boards’.  First, determine your category(s) and then begin filling in the questions you would like the students to respond to.  You can include the answers to your questions or simply leave them blank to generate classroom discussions.    You have the opportunity to create up to 6 different categories with 5 questions in each and point values increasing from 100 to 500.  Additionally, you can include links to webpages or YouTube videos in your questions and/or responses to make them more interactive and illuminating.

Your ‘boards’ are saved in the FlipQuiz database so that you can view them again later or edit the questions and responses you have entered.  Also, you can view other subscriber’s boards to see if any of them are of benefit to your programming.  Finally, you can share the link to your board with your students and without creating an account or signing in, they are able to access the board on their own devices and practice the material themselves at home or at school – and are unable to alter the questions or responses.

Overall, I really enjoyed the user-friendly format and how quickly I was able to create a board based on my own material.  I believe that this tool will soon become one of your students’ favourite techniques for assessment.   
Have a great week…


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