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May 22, 2014 - Picture Perfect with iPiccy

Happy Friday everyone!!

This time of year teachers may be looking for fun uses for their field trip and classroom photos or working to collate images for a quick and uncomplicated yearbook. iPiccy ( may be the answer you are looking for.  This website is a very user friendly photo editing tool which allows you to apply a multitude of image effects, crop, rotate, add text and even turn your images into colouring book pages for your little ones to enjoy. 

When you visit the iPiccy homepage ( you will be asked to create a free personalized account by clicking on the ‘create account’ button in the upper right hand corner (see image below). 

After the account has been activated, you will be taken to the image upload page where you can begin to choose the images you would like to edit or choose to create a collage utilizing various images.   The initial list on the left hand side allows you to crop, rotate, adjust colour, and change the image to black and white or sepia tones.

By clicking on the magic wand in the tool bar across the top of the page you are able to access plenty of other options including altering the focus, and creating a pencil sketch of your image (great for colouring book pages!).  

Once you have determined that the effect is one you wish to keep, simply click on ‘apply’ in the effect box.  If after having applied the effect, you feel it is not right for what you are trying to accomplish, simply click on the back arrow above your image to have the last action ‘undone’.   

One additional effect which I feel would be useful is being able to add text to the image.  Simply click on the ‘Blender’ tab at the top of the page (see image below) and by clicking on the Capital T in the row below a text box will appear situated on your image.  

Type the text into the box on the left hand side in addition to choosing the text colour, font, size, alignment and transparency.  Just remember to click on ‘Combine layers’ when you exit this page so that your image will be captured as you have intended it to be.  Finally, your image can be saved to your computer files for sharing, printing or pasting into other documents.

Overall I have found iPiccy to be very user friendly and I have enjoyed experimenting with the effects and reading the blog of suggested uses for iPiccy creations.

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