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December 14, 2012 - Card Creator and Doc Converter

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Here is your Tech Tidbit for this week…

I have two fun, useful and FREE websites for you:

The first is called ‘Trading Card Creator’ ( - you can also go to and type ‘trading card’ in to the search box).  On this website students can create sports style cards for famous people, places, or fictional characters, or even abstract concepts such as an emotion.  By entering the title of the person, place, etc. then clicking on the type of card to be created, the website will walk the student step-by-step through the process of uploading an image, entering important dates, events and sharing their impressions of the character or geographic location.  This is a great tool for students working on social studies or history (Prime Ministers and explorers are great starting points) as well as language studies of novel characters.  Cards can be saved and shared via e-mail with instructors and peers for evaluation.

Additionally, I would like to share with you another useful website called Online Convert ( This website will convert anything to anything – a PDF document to an MP3 for students to listen to, a GIF image to a JPEG image, even convert a COREL file to a PDF!! Yes, finally when you e-mail documents created at school in Word Perfect for editing at home, online-convert will change it into a PDF or Word file for you! Simply click on the web address and choose which application you need to convert.  Here is how I changed my word perfect document to a Microsoft Word document…
1.     Type in web address ( into the address bar
2.    Choose the type of file to convert – here I chose ‘Document Converter’ and from the drop down menu I picked ‘convert to DOC’ and clicked on it
3.     Where it says ‘Upload your document you want to convert to DOC:’ I clicked on ‘Choose File’ and found where on my computer I had stored the document (FYI - you can also add the web address of a webpage if you need it converted instead)
4.    Then click on ‘convert file’

The only difficulty is that it does not convert back to Word Perfect.  I hope that this website proves to be helpful in the future.


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