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December 7, 2012 - Frames Four for Fun

Happy Friday Everyone!

This week I have chosen to highlight one of the OSAPAC software programs which is Ministry licensed and available for use on the school computers - Frames 4.  By clicking on the Courseware backpack on the home screen you will access all of the available programs listed alphabetically and can find the Frames 4 Icon. 

This program is wonderful for creating presentations and stop frame animations.  Students create individual 'frames' which when played together can resemble a power point presentation or miniature movie, depending on the content and duration of the slides.  Using the library of clip art images, students can 'drag and drop' images and scenes, add different characters and a large variety of animals..  By creating a slide, duplicating it then alter the image slightly then duplicate again, they can create a simple stop motion animation.  Music and background sound effects can be added with a microphone or by adding music from the computer library.  Claymation and Lego-animation are possible using a digital camera and uploading the images to the program.  Text can be displayed on the frames so that students can turn images in to a comic style with voice bubbles for characters, or to add titles and messages to their presentations.  

Let your students play around with Frames 4 - you will be amazed with what they can create.  If you would like to try it out with your students and need some insight feel free to chat with me or send me an e-mail.   Also, Mrs. Wagner's class has been working with Frames 4 for a couple of periods and I'm sure some of her students would also be more than happy to show you their imaginative creations.


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