Thursday, 28 November 2013

November 29, 2013 – On Your Mark, Get Set, GoNoodle!

Happy weekend everyone!

Has DPA become a challenge to come up with new and interesting ways to keep kids moving? This week, I have a novel and attention-grabbing way to incorporate tech and keep kids moving.  It’s called GoNoodle and it is an online resource for DPA moves and motivation.

GoNoodle requires the creation of a free account for yourself and your class and keeps track of your fitness activities.  When you connect your computer to a projector and log into GoNoodle, you are able to choose a ‘champ’ for your class – a mascot of sorts who will encourage and grow as your children complete fitness tasks.  Then you are able to choose an activity for your class to complete.
·         ‘Air time’ offers some deep breathing activities to calm and focus your students.  Although American Geography based the deep breathing activities are beneficial.
·         In ‘Run with Us’ Olympians coach you on real life Olympic events (i.e. 100m hurdles and long jump) then compete in a series of competitions.
·          To the Maxima has children stretching with Maximo the Magician.  There are several stretches to choose from and they leave the children feeling focused.
·         Additional activities include Zumba videos with fun kids themed songs (such as Wipeout and I Like To Move It) and vocabulary linked actions.

GoNoodle provides quick (3-6 minute videos) for grades K to 6 students to use as class transitions or brain breaks during the day.  Have a look and see if it might be the change you could use in your day.


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